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Health and Welfare Consulting

Employee health and welfare benefits are a critical component of any organization’s total rewards offering. Employers may be primarily or only partially responsible for providing employee benefits, but universally, they want sound ideas on how to support business and talent objectives and meet the needs of different demographic groups while balancing corporate budgets.

Employers strive to identify the most appropriate health and other non-pension benefits for their employees while controlling costs. BeneResource Group’s health actuarial consulting service can help organizations make informed decisions to optimize and manage healthcare plans, with equitable benefits and rational cost-sharing.

We structure competitive and cost-effective health benefits. Our team of seasoned actuarial consultants serve clients of all sizes. We start from a baseline of assisting you in formulating healthcare coverage beliefs, assessing benefit competitiveness and determining reasonable and attainable financial targets.

Our guidance, tools and resources are backed by in-depth expertise. Our consultants possess deep industry knowledge and expertise to bring you a powerful array of tools and resources, including:

  • Preparation of IRS form 5500
  • High deductible health savings account (HSA)
  • Benefit plan design, pricing, and benchmarking
  • Section 125 plan that delivers valuable tax savings and reduced costs (Flex plans)
  • Actuarial claims projections, IBNR reserve calculations and forecasts
  • Health Care Reform financial impact analysis (PPACA)
  • Self-insurance feasibility studies
  • Employee contribution strategies and calculations
  • Network analysis and administrator assessment
  • Captive insurance feasibility studies
  • Multiple employer welfare arrangement (MEWA) actuarial consulting services
  • Self-insured health benefits nondiscrimination testing
  • Ability to control health care and other benefit program costs
  • Guidance on using benefits to help attract and retain top talent
  • Management of financial and regulatory risks
  • Keeping employees healthy and productive
  • Securing the best solutions, pricing, and service from health and benefit vendors
  • Implementation of Wrap plan documents for all your Health and Welfare benefits