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Health & Wellness

BeneResource Group provides a Health and Wellness solution through our partnership with LIVINGFIT WORKFORCE


Many of today’s leading organizations are helping their employees find ways to improve and take ownership of their own health, so less medical/pharmaceutical intervention is required. Studies show that employees who are health conscious incur 31% lower health care costs than those who are not. The Surgeon General determined that 70% of all illnesses are due to lifestyle related issues, and one-half of all medical costs are attributed to illnesses that could be prevent-ed. The return your company will receive from employees, who have decided to change their unhealthy habits and become more aware of their own health, will be significant. Health conscious employees suffer less from high blood pressure, diabetes, stress, low back pain, and many other health related problems.



Our Solution


We offer complimentary Health and Wellness Events to all companies big and small. Your clients can now gain the benefits of free health screenings, fitness demonstrations, and incentives from local health and wellness companies.

We work closely with your team to bring in appropriate health and wellness providers from local communities, and coordinate a unique and entertaining event with interactive wellness demos and health screenings. Our services include our signature Health & Wellness Fair, Lunchtime Workshops, Massage Days, and On-Site Fitness Classes.



Health Screenings

Our complimentary non-invasive screenings helps your clients workforce understand their health. We bring a variety of health and wellness providers to help evaluate employees to determine if there is a problem in their bodies. The goal is catch any negative signs before it’s too late. Our most common screenings are Blood Pressure, Vision, Spinal, BMI, Endurance, Flexibility, Posture, and Balance.



We bring in the latest fitness and workout trends to exhibit at the event. These providers offer interactive demonstrations that will encourage employees to get off the couch and get in shape.


Health and Wellness information

Our providers distribute health related information that can prevent illness. For example; ways to lower blood pressure, proper eating habits, exercise techniques, techniques to lower stress, how to quit smoking and many more.